First Semester Done – Arizona State University

New_ASU_Sign_7387_0So, May has been a good month for me. I have completed my first semester at Arizona State University (ASU) in their online Electrical Engineering program and turned 33 years old. I told something of a joke to a friend the other day. I said when I graduated high school back in ’99 I had a few options, as most of us do. I could go straight into the work force, go to college, or join the military. I did like so many others and set out on my own in the real world. It wasn’t long before I realized that I had to do something more with my life, and considering 9/11 had just happened, joining the Marine Corps in March of ’02 fit the bill. Don’t get me wrong, enlisting in the Marine Corps was probably one of the best decisions I ever made; however, after getting out I realized I still had to go to college. It’s funny how that works out. (more…)

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