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Being a full time everything (employee, father, husband…) doesn’t leave a lot of room for projects, but as always I try to find time where I can. I have two projects in the pipeline and I hope to be able to share the learning process as they progress. The first project is a new constant current dummy load. My current version of the current load is great, but it is very limited in functionality. The first major feature I would like is higher resolution. Right now I can adjust my current load down to about 1mA precision. However, I would like to get it down to 1uA. I’m not entirely sure how to accomplish that, but that is fun of engineering. Another big feature will be higher load capability. It would be helpful to be able to test power supplies up to 100 watts (at least 10mA resolution). Finally, I also want to add a data logger function that will save results to an SD card. The below picture is a quick test setup I did to see how much current I could easily pull. In this case I was getting around 7 amps while keeping a stable temperature. (more…)

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Batteriser Blocked My Comment

I recently watched a YouTube video, posted by the Batteriser group, that I did not fully agree with. I thought their demonstration was a little misleading and said that much in a polite comment below the video. However, now it has come to my attention that the comment was blocked or something similar as I cannot see it when I’m not logged into my own YouTube account. I find it sad that a company would hide important information regarding content they are providing. These guys really need to get their act together if you ask me. (more…)

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