Wireless Outlet Channel

IMG_7393For the past five years I have used wireless outlet adapters to control my Christmas lights. These things normally work really well for outside lights and on the Christmas tree. However, this year my wife and I noticed that the lights were on when returning home. (more…)

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Electronic Dummy Load


I find the best way for me to learn anything is through practical application. To that end I came across an interesting video blog by Dave Jones (www.eevblog.com), detailing the design of a electronic dummy load. For my next project I thought it would be useful to have a constant current dummy load in the lab (aka garage), so I decided to build up the circuit Dave Jones demonstrates in his video. (more…)

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C# Basic Calculator


I have always had a fascination with programming, but really never spent enough time to become proficient at any one language. In repose to that idea I have decided to dip my feet in the waters of C#. (more…)

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