RFID Reader

It has been a while since I have worked on an electronics project. I thought now was better then ever, isn’t that always the case. To dive back into the mix I chose to do a project geared around RFID. This project offered a lot of learning opportunities and will form the foundation for any future project I might have that include an RFID reader. What I would like to present here is the current state of the project as for hardware and firmware. (more…)

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Arduino Reef Controller

Block Diagram
All of a sudden it feels like it has been a long time since I did anything with an Arduino. I almost feel guilty about that idea since Arduino is really what launched me into hobby electronics to start with, so to help me sleep better at night I have taken on a new project. (more…)

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Garage Parking Assistant Software Update

One of the biggest flaws in my original design for the Garage Parking Assistant was not including a mechanism to turn off the LEDs in the event there was no change over a specified period of time. There is a lot of wasted energy having the green lights on all day long while I’m at work, or having the red lights on through the night. The easiest solution to the problem was to count the number of times a zone was selected in the conditional statement. (more…)

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