K4 Reef Controller Update 2

We decided to start the build process with the power control box. Each of the boards are mounted in place using 4-40 countersink screws with a small washer, nylon spacer, and nut (all of which were purchased at Lowes). Using a countersink drill bit allows for the face of the box to remain flat, and that will be essential when a graphic is applied to it later on. I didn’t use any fancy method for measuring the best position to place the boards. I simply put them where I thought it would be best and marked the hole positions prior to drilling. The relay board is slightly off center to allow for additional cables. I then removed all of the old cables from the surge protector circuit and soldered new ones to accommodate the required lengths. The on/off switch had to be taken off the board to be moved to another location in the box. (more…)

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K4 Reef Controller Update

July 3, 2014 Update

First and foremost we need to see what this analog pH sensor can do. We ended up getting this sensor for approximately $30.00 from robotmesh.com; however, we need to make sure that it is going to be accurate enough to use in our design. Our initial impressions right out of the box are very positive. I was able to get a test up and running in under a minute using the provided Arduino sketch and a few wires. The sense wire (blue) was connected to the Analog Pin 0 and the Ground (black) and Positive (red) wires were connected to there appropriate places on the Arduino. After uploading the sketch, I was taking measurements every 800 milliseconds and outputting the reading to a serial monitor window. (more…)

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